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Anime Research Project

Where Does Anime Belong?

Types of Anime
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An Underlying Theme
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It's all so confusing!

            How does one categorize anime?  It truly is in a category of its own, but which one?  There is a definite use of cinematography, just like in live-action films.  Grave of the Fireflies was shot in a very yellow light with bright blasts of light.  Light will shine on one particular character to make them standout, but it isn’t really light.  It is just the way it is drawn.  One issue that baffles the mind is that of camera angles.  There are definitely different angles used, similar to those in live-action, but there a camera is not really used.  Once again, it is just the angle the characters are drawn at.  When watching anime I find myself thinking “Man that was a great shot,” but how exactly would these shots be categorized?  I think that like anime is a genre to itself, we may have to find a new way to describe such aspects of mise-en-scene and camera work that are featured in anime.  There is an undeniable beauty to the artwork and animation that is used in anime.  Even the movie posters have a certain real-life feel to them.  It is just hard to put it into words.  How do you describe something that is meant to be realistic looking, but isn’t real?

"Princess Mononoke"


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