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Anime Research Project

Anime in the U.S.

Types of Anime
In the U.S.
An Underlying Theme
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Long Enough

            Currently, anime has seen an explosion in the USA.  In 1999, Pokemon was the highest rated kid’s show on television.  James Cameron is even negotiating a $20 million anime with Bandai Visual.  Desperate to export all they can to the U.S., Japanese based publishing houses are looking through all their back material for more ideas.  Many of these shipped anime are edited for America.  Nudity is cut out, and chopsticks are changed to forks and knives.  Maybe not all of the stories will sell, but the characters in these stories are likely to.  It is a race to introduce the kids of America to a new world of “cartoons” (Fulford).  



            As always with fans, there is an “ongoing controversy in anime fandom over the preference between viewing anime that has been subtitled or re-dubbed into English.”  With VHS tapes there was always the question of which type to buy.  It really depended on the people that were going to watch it.  The companies went a long with whichever audience was more likely to buy the movie.  For younger audiences the movies are typically re-dubbed, but for the other people subtitles are normally put in place.  It was an issue, however, if you wanted the opposite of what it came in, or you wanted both.  With DVD’s the issue has become considerably less debated.  Most disks will include all the different selections, both re-dubbed and subtitled.  These movies, like other movies, might have the special features on a separate disk.  Uncut versions and dubbed versions may not all come together.  Which way is the right way to go though?  Some people will argue that dubbed over versions completely take away from the movie.  However, some people think the English voice-overs make it easier to follow the story and appreciate the animation.  The war over which anime is the right anime rages on (Williams).

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